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My Click and Grow Review 2021: The Best Gardening Gift?

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My girlfriend didn’t know what to get me for Christmas last year, but then she saw the Click and Grow smart garden. Since we’re in an apartment, and I have garden fever, it was the perfect gift for me.

my click and grow smart garden
My first basil harvest with Click and Grow.

No matter if you live in an apartment, house, guest house, or doghouse, we could all use some extra fruits and veggies. And what better way to grow them than with a garden system where you don’t need to worry about the plant’s water and sunlight?

Before getting the Click and Grow, I had tried a jury-rigged microgreens garden to some success but didn’t get the harvests that I wanted.

my microgreens growing on a rack
My microgreens garden.

The truth is, I spent over $300 on my microgreens and indoor growing rack, and SO much time setting it up.

After putting the microgreens experiment on pause due to a few challenges (mostly mold and fungal gnats), my girlfriend must have noticed my defeat and shortly after decided to get me a Click and Grow.

When she gave it to me on Christmas, I didn’t know what to make of it. I mean it was cool looking—sleek, modern, and minimalist—right up my alley. But would it actually work?

For those of you who live in an apartment or urban area, you know how challenging it can be to grow ANY kind of plant.

However, I decided to set the Click and Grow up and give it a shot. And I’m glad I did.

What Is Click and Grow?

For a quick overview of how Click and Grow smart gardens work, check out the video below from Click and Grow’s YouTube Channel.

Click and Grow is a smart garden company founded in 2009 and based out of Estonia. The CEO, Mattias Lepp, was inspired by NASA’s ability to grow plants in space, so he set off to design a similar plant system that would take care of plants automatically. He continued to work on the technology with universities worldwide before launching the product.

Click and Grow’s smart gardens ensure that the plants have the perfect soil pH and get the most optimal amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

Also, the soil pods are made of natural, renewable materials, and contains no pesticides, fungicides, hormones, or other harmful substances.

the click and grow manual
Click and Grow compares their plant pods to that of a Keurig coffee maker.

Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants 365 days a year in even the busiest of households. They take care of watering, light, and nutrients, while you reap the benefits.

Click and Grow

Overall, I guess you can say that Click and Grow is a NASA-borrowed solution for urban people to grow their own food. Pretty cool.

What Can You Grow With a Click and Grow?

Click and Grow offers dozens of plant pods, such as:

  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Basil
  • Tomatoes
  • Radish
  • Mint
  • Chard
  • Flowers
  • Arugula
  • Peppers
  • Chives
  • Cilantro/Coriander
  • Dill
  • Parsley

They even have mixes such as a salad greens mix and a steak seasoning mix.

For us, we prefer to grow basil and tomatoes (due to our pasta obsession), but we bought an Asian greens pack and will be trying it next.

Does It Work (How Do You Like It)?

The truth is, I spent over $300 on my microgreens and indoor growing rack, and SO much time setting it up. And this wasn’t my first rodeo either (it was my second growing rack).

And then my girlfriend comes along with this product that costs 1/3 the price, looks way better, and has a hydroponic system? There was no question it was better.

Sure, my microgreens rack could grow more greens than my new Click and Grow, but it’s just me and my girlfriend here, and we simply don’t need that many greens.

Let’s just say that I don’t see myself going back to my microgreens setup anytime soon.

Click and Grow makes it so easy to grow fruits and veggies right on our kitchen countertop. As mentioned, my girlfriend and I love to use our Click and Grow to grow tons of basil and tomatoes to make homemade pasta sauce, pesto, and the like.

In fact, we liked it so much, we decided to get another (and bigger) one!

unboxing our click and grow smart garden 9
my second click and grow smart garden
Unboxing our Click and Grow “Smart Garden 9”.

Unlike our smaller “Smart Garden 3”, this is their “Smart Garden 9”, which (hence the name) can grow up to 9 separate plants.


Even though we love almost everything about our Click and Grows, it’s time to discuss the (small) trouble we had.

The main issue we had was with our first batch of plants. Because the soil is constantly wet, this batch of basil seedlings grew mold and started to affect the plants.

However, Click and Grow has a plant pod policy and they quickly sent us replacement pods.

To qualify for replacement pods, your Click and Grow’s pods must have one of the following:

  • No germination after 3 weeks
  • The plant has a disease
  • The plant has been affected by pests

The smart garden itself also comes with a 2-year warranty.

I can say that dealing with their customer support first hand, their support is timely, helpful, and they do their best to get you a solution.

Other than that odd batch of moldy basil, all of the other plants have grown beautifully.

I guess you can say the price is also another con.

However, if you consider that I spent over $300 and dozens of hours setting up my indoor growing rack, paying 1/3 of the price for something already assembled and more functional is well worth it.

Special Discount

If you’re considering getting a Click and Grow as a gift (even if it’s for yourself), I have a special discount code for you to use.

Simply use the code: COUCHTOHOMESTEAD10 at checkout (or you can click the link below and it will apply the discount code automatically).