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The Organic Companion Planting Guide

The #1 Companion Planting eBook

Companion Planting eBook Cover

The Organic Companion Planting Guide

Level up your companion planting from hobbyist to advanced with my 200-page eBook. In just a few minutes, you can be implementing the strategies it took me years to get right. 

If you’ve looked on and seen other gardeners with beautiful and productive food forests, or seen yourself tossing dead plant after dead plant, this is the eBook for you.

Getting to an advanced stage of companion planting isn’t that hard, but it’ll likely take you many years if you just keep planting round after round, HOPING you’ll improve.

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Dramatically Improve Your Garden's Productivity

Beginners are amazed when they see advanced gardeners with healthy and luscious plants. I can get your garden to GROW once you learn the right methods and how to best use companion plants.

Pair the Perfect Companion Plants Together

Hobbyist gardeners focus so much on forcing the wrong plants to grow that they don’t realize there are better plants for their garden. This eBook has over 15 examples of companion planting pairings to help.

Maximize Your Garden's Harvests and Yields Fast

It’s easy for gardening to just turn into keeping plants from dying and HOPING they’ll improve. I’ll help you improve your garden’s harvests and yields FAST with proven tips and practices.

Stop Wasting Money

You don’t need to buy new plants all the time. I’ll show you how to identify the plants you actually need, so you can confidently and simply work on enjoying your garden.

Stop Killing Plants

If you’re frequently removing dead plants from your garden, you know how expensive replacing them can be. Learn how more advanced gardeners stop this.

Stop Making Beginner Mistakes

Gardening has many methods, strategies, and tips, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all. If you regularly garden, learn how to do it right.

Take Your Garden To a New Level






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"Companion planting was something I wanted to do but didn't know where to start. After reading Tyler's book I became more confident and found the plants that work best in my garden."
photo of Amy
Laurel, MS
"My fruit trees love all of the flowers I found in this book. Thanks, Tyler for the help!"
Los Angeles, CA
Companion Planting eBook Cover


There are so many things to learn with companion planting that it’s easy to miss the fundamentals.

Beginners make two mistakes that stop them: (1) They don’t consider their hardiness zone and soil type, and (2) They work against nature instead of doubling down on the plants that work.