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Hey, I’m Tyler, a casual gardener and homesteader from Austin, Texas. I’m learning everything I can about homesteading and this website is the place where I share it all with you. So you can plant now and grow tomorrow.

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My Free Companion Plant Guide

Companion plants are plants that can be grown near each other to achieve many symbiotic effects such as:

— Attracting Pollinators

— Providing Ground Cover

— Repelling Pests

— Amending Soil

— Maximizing Garden Space

— Preventing Weed Growth

Ever since my days of experimenting with the famous three sisters (corn, beans, and squash), I’ve been a huge fan of companion planting.

my three sisters garden, corn, beans, and squash
My first three sisters garden.

Fun fact: Did you know there are more than three sisters? Sunflowers and amaranth are two lesser-known companion plants to the popular corn, beans, and squash trio.

I’ve done many hours of research on companion plants, and have narrowed down the best ones. Rather than put them all into an unnecessarily long blog post, I decided to pack as much information about companion plants that I could into one simple pdf.

20 Plants with Their Companions (and Enemies) email

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If you’d like more information first, you can always visit my companion plant page.

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