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Abundance Plus Review 2022: The Best Homesteading App?

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In September 2021, I was nearing the end of a family visit in California when I was invited to help out Justin Rhodes on his homestead. I only had a 48-hour notice to fly nearly from coast to coast, but I’d been watching Justin’s YouTube channel and his app, Abundance Plus, daily for several months. There was just NO way I was going to miss this opportunity.

So, last minute, I changed my Los Angeles flight going to Austin, Texas, to Asheville, North Carolina. After arriving, I only had a few hours to rest before I had to be at Justin and Rebekah’s homestead at 7am. But it was totally worth it.

I got to their homestead a few minutes early, just in time to see the fog lift, revealing their beautiful 75-acre homestead. Then, from 7am to 4:30pm, I hung out with Justin and a group of new-ish homesteaders, doing a day’s worth of homesteading chores, and ending with a great conversion in their homey barn.

So, when I saw that Justin needed some help spreading the word for Abundance Plus, I just HAD to help out.

photo of me in a group with Justin Rhodes
Me (second from the left) and the rest of our group that helped out Justin Rhodes on his homestead in September 2021.

What is Abundance Plus?

Abundance Plus is an app and website created to provide viewers with ad-free videos from popular homesteading YouTubers but quickly expanded to offer a community, discounts on homesteading products (such as electric fencing), masterclasses with names like Joel Salatin, and much more. 

As of February 2022, Abundance Plus has 14,000 paid members.

Here’s a quick preview of what the app looks like:

If you’re into homesteading, and you watch YouTube videos, you likely already know who Justin Rhodes is. If you don’t know, here’s one of my favorite videos of his (originally, I didn’t think I’d watch the whole thing, but I quickly got sucked in).

After initially finding and watching Justin’s YouTube channel for a few months, I heard him talk about this new app they were working on called Abundance Plus. I tried it out and have stayed subscribed since.

A bunch of other big-name homesteading YouTubers have since joined the platform and regularly upload their own content, including:

  • Roots and Refuge
  • Happen Films
  • The Grass-Fed Homestead
  • Sow the Land
  • Better Life Together
  • The Fit Farmer
  • The Justin Rhodes Show (of course)

And they’re even doing their own docu-series such as Rooted and Wilder Still.

Other documentaries such as The Great American Farm Tour and Permaculture Chickens as well as Permaculture Pigs are also included in the app, along with regular webinars with the Rhodes family.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using Abundance Plus.

Pros and Cons

Hundreds of VideosOccasional App Errors (Fixed)*
No CensorshipRewinding Videos is Difficult (Mostly Fixed)*
*Updates since the time of writing


Hundreds of Videos

Since they managed to gather the top homesteading YouTubers out there, Abundance Plus has hundreds of ad-free videos available. With the large backlog of videos and daily vlogs getting added, you won’t run out of videos to watch.

You can also comment underneath each video, adding to the conversation and connecting with other homesteaders.

See a sneak peek of Abundance Plus’ Video Catalog.

No Censorship

Censorship is something that’s affecting a lot of content creators lately, and homesteaders aren’t excluded. You may be thinking that censorship may be limited to butchering livestock, but it’s quickly expanding to other videos such as showing a calf’s birth.

Because of this, Abundance Plus offers uncensored videos (including livestock harvesting) as resources for homesteaders to learn. However, if you aren’t interested in the more graphic videos, you can easily avoid them. These videos are usually accompanied by a note with “uncensored” in all caps in the video title.

To see more about Justin’s experience with video censorship, check out the video below.

High-Quality Experience

Lastly, SO much investment is going into this app, in both time and money. Seriously, you can really tell how much Justin and the homesteading community care about creating a quality place for homesteaders to share their experiences.

I believe I heard the app costs $30,000 a year to maintain, so it’s a risky move for them, but one that’s quickly becoming a valuable resource for homesteaders.

They’re also constantly adding new creators, features, and improvements to the app. At this time of writing, they just launched a community, which they accurately described as “Facebook, but without Facebook”. They’ve also started a marketplace for homesteaders to buy and sell their goods.

Now, it’s time to discuss the cons.


Occasional Errors (Fixed)

screenshot of Abundance Plus error

*Update: I haven’t experienced an app error in a few months.

Occasionally, especially after not using the app for some time, I’ll try to play a video only to get an error. While this can be mildly annoying, I found that closing the Abundance Plus app and reopening the app quickly fixes it. If you’re on an iPhone you can do this by swiping up on the app while in the app menu.

To be fair, the errors likely aren’t Abundance Plus’ fault, but likely the service that hosts them—Uscreen.

However, these errors seem to be happening less often recently, so it looks like they’re working on fixing it.

Rewinding (Mostly Fixed)

*Update: The app now has a 10-second rewind when double-tapping the left side of the screen, but it’s still a bit hard to use when the buttons are showing.

Rewinding is the biggest con for me. While it’s easy to fast-forward in the Abundance Plus video player (you can either drag the dot in the player bar or double-tap anywhere on the screen for a quick 10-second fast-forward), it’s difficult to rewind the video.

As far as I know, the only way to rewind is to drag the small dot in the player bar to the left, meaning I’ll often jump WAY too far back and will have to double-tap many times to fast-forward in 10-second intervals to the part that I want. And if I miss the part again, I have to repeat this process.

A quick fix for this would be to change the double-tap on the left half of the screen to rewind instead of fast-forward. However, this isn’t too big of an inconvenience and doesn’t prevent me in the least bit from watching the videos.


How Much Does Abundance Plus Cost?
MembershipMonthly PlanYearly Plan
Inspiration$5.99$59.99 (save $11.89)
Basic$14.99$139 (save $40.88)
Premium$29$279 (save $69)

Abundance Plus costs $5.99 to $29 per month or $59.99 to $279 per year. The price difference is due to three tiers of memberships: Inspiration, Basic, and Premium. As you go higher in the tier, you get more features such as masterclasses, a private community, and discounts on homesteading products.

Abundance Plus also has a lifetime membership. Aside from never having another payment again, you also gain the ability to text Justin Rhodes if you need any homesteading help, but at a high cost of $799. Factoring in the price of the Premium yearly membership, the lifetime cost would pay itself off in 2.86 years.

At this point you may be thinking, “Who is this ‘Justin’ guy? And why would I spend $799 so I can text him?“.

A quick intro to Justin Rhodes—he has a certificate in Permaculture Design from Geoff Lawton, is a close mentee to the popular and groundbreaking permaculture farmer, Joel Salatin, and has been homesteading for over 15 years.

So, he usually has pretty great advice. I can also confirm this after visiting his homestead and talking to him in person, asking about his homesteading wins and challenges.

Depending on your homesteading obstacles, having Justin a text away could make a decent investment.

Back to Abundance Plus.

With a similar monthly price to Netflix, but nowhere near the same library size, it can seem like the Abundance Plus pricing is a bit of a stretch. So, is Abundance Plus worth it?

Final Verdict (Is Abundance Plus Worth It?)

I really enjoy Abundance Plus and have actually stopped going on YouTube because of it. This is due to Abundance Plus’ ad-free videos and that I feel more productive learning from homesteading videos rather than going down endless YouTube rabbit holes.

While the cost of Abundance Plus seems a bit steep at first, it makes sense once you try the app. Their team is putting a LOT of time and effort into the production quality and user experience.

Even though it’s similarly priced to Netflix, the value you get from it is worth it. However, the lifetime membership is a bit of a stretch (still, it’ll pay itself off by year three).

If you enjoy watching homesteading videos, Abundance Plus is definitely worth it. Their large video library strikes a satisfying balance of entertainment and education, and the app is packed with so many extras that the cost is quickly justified. It also has new content and features that are constantly getting added.

Every day at lunchtime, I pull my phone out and open the Abundance Plus app to get my daily dose of homesteading tips, laughs, and inspiration, and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Does Abundance Plus Have a Discount Code?

I reached out to the Abundance Plus team and they were more than happy to provide readers on Couch to Homestead with a 10% discount off of the first purchase (even for the Lifetime membership!). Save up to $80 by using the code TYLER10.