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About Couch to Homestead

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Couch to Homestead is a site that teaches people how to start homesteading by taking baby steps and achieving milestones. The Couch to Homestead site is best known for its straightforward answers to specific questions and situations including gardening, livestock, and living more simply.


“Couch to Homestead helps homesteaders go from dreaming to doing.”


Couch to Homestead started at the height of COVID-19 when it was clear there was a need to regain at least some self-sufficiency and growing one’s own food. Originally starting with smaller topics like citrus trees and lesser-known exotic fruits, Couch to Homestead now includes well-researched information across many topics, including livestock.

The site was created by Tyler Ziton, a hobbyist gardener that became burned out after 10 years of corporate rat races and chronic illnesses. Fortunately, he found that both conditions were reversed with fresh food and a better connection to nature—two things homesteading excels at. He put together his 20 years of casual gardening experience (including tending to citrus trees in Florida as a kid), along with the new homesteading ideas he was researching and testing.

Today, Couch to Homestead aims to provide the most helpful and actionable answers to your homesteading obstacles, so you can easily go from your couch to the homestead you’ve been long dreaming about.

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