Started at the height of the pandemic, Couch to Homestead helps people go from the couch to the homestead. It’s really that simple. Focused on fruit trees, food forests, and self-sufficiency, we help you grow your own food and become more secure.

Discovering Homesteading

Our grocery stores ran out of food.

Let that digest for a second. Our grocery stores, which are designed to provide an endless supply of food, ran out of food.

Not sure where to turn, we at least wanted a distraction from this and the other effects of the pandemic. So, we sat down on the couch and scrolled through some movies.

A few minutes later, we decided on a docu-film called The Biggest Little Farm.

We were skeptical at first. But by the end, everything changed.

We were amazed at how problems, such as snails consuming an entire orchard, could be solved with simple, nature-based solutions, like running ducks through the orchard to eat the tens of thousands of snails.

The result? The snails are gone, the ducks are fed, and the plants are fertilized from the duck’s manure.

The pest became the solution!

Seeing this experience gave us the spark to dig deeper into what we now know as permaculture. And while we weren’t looking to start a farm, we later found out about homesteading (growing food for the household).

What we found changed our lives forever.

Starting Couch to Homestead

In April 2020, we started a homesteading website and named it Couch to Homestead. We made it our goal to learn all we could about homesteading and permaculture, and help others go from the couch to the homestead as well.

Since then, we’ve been research-writing for this site, growing food wherever possible, and getting involved in the homesteading community.

Tyler also completed a Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University and has been consulting—helping others harness the many benefits of permaculture.

To plant now and grow tomorrow.

To help people go from the couch to the homestead.

The Couch to Homestead Mission

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